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  • Goals

1.The School seeks to build on traditional legal knowledge whilst engaging the contemporary world.

It enters into the fields of finance, science, in particular medicine, to combine knowledge of the legal requirements of these domains with a grounding in legal principles. Theory and practice are also combined in classes based on case studies. Some classes use PBL and UbD technology to enhance the learning experience.

2.Professional Ethics and Holistic Education

The School seeks to form students who are concerned for society. It thus cooperates with the University's holistic education courses: introduction to university studies, philosophy of life and professional (legal) ethics. It also encourages students to serve as volunteers in the Legal Service Centre and to take service-learning courses.

3.International Outlook

The School lays great store by ability in foreign languages. The curriculum includes course in legal English as well as courses taught only in English. Furthermore students may also take course in a second foreign language, choosing from German, French and Japanese. These courses are designed to help students acquire information in other languages. The School also arranges conferences and invites well-known scholars from abroad to participate, thereby enhancing the School's international academic cooperation.