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The School of Law comprises the Department of Law, the Department of Financial and Economic Law, the Graduate Department of Law and a B.A. Programme in the Division of the Bachelor Programme of Extension Education. It also has a Legal Service Centre and publishes Fu Jen Law Review. The School is divided into five research centres: Fundamental Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Public Law, Criminal Law, Economic and Financial Law. Besides fostering students' knowledge, the School also promotes holistic education, legal ethics, service learning, social engagement and multi-track learning. It seeks to emphasise both technical competence and professional knowledge, ethical values and legal ability, with a concern for culture and for society. It also seeks to encourage the study of foreign languages and help students gain international experience. This education will enable students to put theory and practice together in order to contribute to society and the country. To form legal professionals for today's world, the School continues to aim for an education that is professional, integrated, holistic and international.